Programs Supported

Adobe Illustrator CS6
Adobe Photoshop CS

  Files That May Require Cleanup Fee

JPG, TIFF, BMP and all other bitmap files

  Platforms Supported

PC or MAC (we prefer PC)

  Supported Media

CD Disk
DVD Disk

Adobe Illustrator

This is our preferred program. Other non-Adobe Illustrator files will be imported into Adobe Illustrator so please prepare your graphic file(s) accordingly.

  Adobe PhotoShop

Save file as EPS or as a TIFF with a minimum of 300 DPI resolution. The size should be equal to ½ of the actual print size.

  File Specs

Please include all EPS and TIFF files used in creating your artwork. Also Include a printed listing of the file names used in your graphic. We no longer return computer discs, composites, or laser printouts so please DO NOT send in your original copies. Sample items such as banners, flags, pins, buttons and other samples will be returned at distributors expense.

  Text Within Your Graphic

Convert Text to Paths (outline Text). Text which becomes an object cannot be edited as text. If you cannot convert text to outline artwork then please send in all printer and screen fonts used in your graphic. MIN/MAX Sizes: Minimum Type-Size: 24 pt., Minimum Line Thickness: 3 pt., Minimum Line Thickness for reverse copy : 6 pt. Where the imprint colors meet, a minimum of 14 pt. of overlap is needed for trapping.

  Screen Printing Specs

Orders with screens and or Half-Tones should be supplied on computer disk or email. We will resize artwork to fit the printed size. Some types/sizes of text should not be printed as a screen. We do not print Half-Tones using metallic inks. You should provide the factory with a good glossy composite of how you anticipate the print to look. We do not guarantee exact PMS color matches, however, we will attempt to match your desired PMS color as close as possible.

  Imprint Colors

When submitting artwork for spot colors please specify a coated PMS number from the Pantone Matching System. If you do not specify a PMS color the factory will use a standard shade of standard color. Not every PMS color shade can be matched 100%. Because of variances in inks, substrates, and printing processes the finished product will not usually match a printed color composite.

  E-mail Note:

When sending your file via E-mail you must include your distributor name, asi/ppai number, contact phone, purchase order number, and your sales persons name if you have one. If someone submits the artwork on your behalf please provide them with the appropriate information to provide us, without it, we cannot guarantee your artwork and or order will be processed in a timely manner. Name your file the same name as the purchase order number. Also Please compress files before sending if possible, (WinZip or Stuffit).


For large file please be sure to zip or stuffit the file(s) before uploading to our ftp site ( to prevent corruption in the transit. Please include all files used in the artwork including links such us tif(s), eps or jpg and font(s) if are not converted to vector or curves. All files received will be imported to Illustrator so to ease up and prevent corruption please save files in eps format. Call the customer service for User ID and Password.


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